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RFID Technologies

Radio frequency (RF) refers to electromagnetic waves that have a wavelength suited for use in radio communication. Radio waves are classified by their frequencies, which are expressed in kilohertz, megahertz or gigahertz. RF Technology is used in many different applications, such as television, radio, mobile phones, radar and automatic identification systems.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) denotes the technology that enables objects to be identified without contact and may be without their RFID tags being visible to eyes. Following are the basic components of any RFID solution which may be utilized as per systems architect and clients requirements.

Following are the major components of RFID Solution / System

  • RFID Reader 

    RFID reader are utilized as an input devices at various data capture points, which reads RFID Tag’s data with TID and pass it on to the application for further processing or take appropriate decision according to pre-defined system logic on its own. The reader may also provide other functions. The user can change or customise the reader’s operations to suit a specific requirement by issuing commands through the host computer or a local terminal. Following are the type of readers available in general.
RFID Reader – Used for Automated & Semi Automated Data Capture
Fix Readers with LAN / RS232 / RS485 Connectivity
Intigrated Fix Readers – Single IP grade Connector
Desktop Readers – USB Connectivity
Desktop Readers – RS232 Connectivity
Mobile Reader – Used for Manual Data Capture with Human Intervention
Hand Held readers with Touch Screen &Key Pad
Hand Held Readers without Touch Screen &Key Pad
Data Exchange / Communication Modes available
Wire Less - WiFi / Bluetooth
USB / RS232
RFID Printers – Used for RFID Labels / Tags Encoding / Barcode Printing
Economy Range Printer
Industrial Printer
Mobile RFID Printer
RFID Consumables (i.e. Tag) 
RFID ‘tags’ are made of an Antenna and tiny microchips, in some cases as small as a grain of sand, which hold unique data identifying the object tagged. These tags, which have a small antenna attached, are read remotely by an RFID reader. Tags can be passive (activated when read) or active, equipped with their own micro-battery and a transmitter. In general there are majorly three frequency range falls into this category
Low Frequency (LF)
High Frequency (HF)
Ultra High Frequency (UHF)
2.4 GHz Frequency Range
433 MHz Frequency Range

Currently we deal into following tags / labels in bulk but in case if you need something specific to your own requirement, just check with us, and we will be glad to serve your ambitions and constructive inputs. We have capabilities to customise existing tags, into shape, size, performance etc. to meet your operational requirements in actual working conditions. If it is of your interest, we can even design and develop a unique offering for you in consultation with our technical team, to give you edge….

UHF RFID Inlays& Tags
UHF RFID Labels / Inlays for various usages
UHF Transparenttag with Anti Tamper Antenna
UHF Windscreen Label with Anti Tamper Antenna
ARAI Certified Windscreen Labels as per MORTH Specification
HF Book Labels for Library ( Aluminum and Silver Antenna)
HF / UHF CD Labels
UHF Garment Hand Tags
UHF Pallets Tags (Hard Casing)
Customise Hard Tags / Soft Tag / Silicon Tags and many more…..