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Education Technologies

Monteage offers a wide range of smart classroom solutions and learning CDs, with content based on cognitive learning approach. These educational solutions aims to automate school’s classrooms and traditional teaching methodologies as well as the student’s learning techniques.

 Traditional way of study by explaining topics verbally in classroom or on whiteboard is not always effective and does not create interest among all section of students. If topic explained with relevant picture, real time examples and in video/2D animated form, it will not only creates interest among all students but also help students to understand tough topics in easier way. It is already core study methods in west and now more and more schools in India also moving toward smart way of learning to match parent/students rising expectation, create differentiation in market and to produce better results in exams. Monteage is created with a vision to address all those requirements effectively and to provide support to school teachers to teach students in an easy and innovative way, help school students to enhance subject knowledge and improve performance in exams.

It is always challenging task for school administration/teachers to judge the effectiveness of daily classes and understanding of each chapter by students. It is always desirable to have some automated mechanism to achieve it and take corrective actions. In Monteage school application tool, we have designed MCQ test for each chapter and with automated reporting tool teachers can easily track students understanding for each chapter and take necessary action.

Internet facility in India is not accessible to masses & is still an expensive option & sometimes internet speeds become very slow. To overcome these challenges, we provide offline study environment for individual student & schools who can use same quality content for offline study on their local PC.