Monteage Technologies Private Limited
About us

Monteage Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a portfolio company of Monteage Group that has an immeasurable experience in extending consultancy in the field of designing, developing, integrating and maintaining business applications and selling suitable hardware and associated system components as per the clients and SI’s requirements. Monteage Technologies Private Limited is carrying the products which can address the clients & SI’s real-time requirement in the technology domain of Barcode, RFID, GPS, CCTV, Smart Education Systems components etc. We have strategic tie ups with leading brands to address all kind of requirements from industry like Manufacturing, Retail, Infrastructure, Intigrated Security & education sectors etc..

Our key strengths are the team with years of experience, world-class research ability and a strong implementation track record nationwide. The guiding principle of our organization is to provide quality products with high degree of Customer Care and impeccable service. The products being offered by us have also one important consideration - Cost Effectiveness or to say in one simple word – Best of the Breed services and hardware with reasonable cost and High Quality.

Monteage has successfully created a eco system where different team of Suppliers and SI’s are present on same platform, having their individual expertise in designing and implementation of integrated systems for Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI), Library Automation, Document Tracking, Fleet Tracking, Work In Progress, Product Warrantee Checks, SCM Automation, Dispatch Automation, Plant Level Security, Asset Security & Management etc. using combination of Barcode, RFID & GPS technologies etc.

Monteage’s strategy is to master emerging technologies and provide innovative solution components and offer unique solution along with partners to our customers in order to address their day to day business needs in cost effective manner with high performance assured.

Performance/Customer Service

You deserve the best!

Monteage Technologies Private Limited believes that quality performance is a result of our ability to clearly understand your specific needs and pain areas, and provide systematic and sustainable solutions to resolve the demands of your project. We work with you to do system study, solution conceptualisation, technology and components selection, vendor identification & selection, Solution designing and plan, defining the KRA for each individuals involved in solution delivery, efforts coordinate, project execution and solution delivery within defined KRA, Installation, Training and Support etc.

By rendering end to end solution to our client’s requirement on TURN KEY – Single Point of Contact basis, we ensures there will leave no stone left unturned in specific requirement domain, till conceived solution output exceeds our clients expectations. Our consistent efforts since the beginning of discussion, to sync in customer’s requirements with OEM’s & SI’s team with our core team, substantiate our pledge to perform all of our work in a smooth manner and helps us to exceed the quality expectations of our customers.

Our Team

Monteage Technologies encompass a team of performance driven professional that carries the vision of providing high standard solutions to its clients. A micro-vertical strategy, built on strong domain expertise, ensures that no matter how complex a company’s business problem is, we can offer a solution that is suitable and sustainable and innovation-driven. Our team has designed, developed and deployed few of the show case solutions in Govt. & Corporate domain, which has established the new standards and open up the opportunities which were unknown to the experts of yesterday in their own domain like RFID, CCTV, GPS and Physical Security etc.

The co-founder members of the company, carries an individual experience of 10+ to 15+ years in solution conceptualisation, solution designing, components and OEM’s selection, software development control, implementation etc. catering to Education, Manufacturing, Retail, Automatic Vehicle Identification, Safety and Security, Supply Chain, Work In Progress, Warranty Verification and many more.

In short, we can be useful to our client not only by the means of offering right products but also create a useful ecosystem which is dependable and can handle any changes / expectation from our client at any given point of time by contributing in ecosystem when it is required most.