Monteage Technologies Private Limited
Smart Student

Internet facility in India is not accessible to masses & is still an expensive option & sometimes internet speeds become very slow. To overcome these challenges, we provide offline study environment for individual student & schools who can use same quality content for offline study on their local PC. We have an experienced & dedicated group of SME's (Subject Matter Experts) for each subject who are highly qualified & having extensive teaching experience. They work closely along with a pool of qualified technical experts to design scientific study content which makes learning easy, fun & interesting. Study content designed with the aim to understand the tough topics/chapters in easy, lucid & interactive way but at the same time help them to secure good marks/ grades in exams as well. Students/Parents can track the performance of students in each subject & topic. We constantly keep upgrading our content to meet any change in syllabus & also meet specific demands from any schools.

Our scientific content includes

  1. Each topic is explained in a very simple & easy way using Power Point format with relevant examples, diagrams, tables & graphs.
  2. Many topics are explained in audio-visual graphics or 2D motion story/concept.
  3. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) for each chapter to evaluate the performance of each student.
  4. NCERT Text Book Questions with answers.
  5. Assignment test for each chapter to evaluate the performance of the students.
  6. Previous years CBSE solved papers.
  7. Model test papers to prepare for exams.
  8. Key revision points in terms of "Quick Revision" or "Summary" for each topic so that the students can revise topics at a glance.

We are committed to providing an exciting offline learning environment to students & schools which is accessible from anywhere, anytime & makes learning easy & simple. This enhances reasoning capabilities; helps in better understanding of the subject and subsequently help to secure better grades.
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